About Richard OBrien

Richard OBrien

Newsletter Editor
Northeastern Colorado Regional Coordinator

Richard OBrien is a computer network engineer, and works for the federal agency NOAA.  He lives in Boulder, Colorado.  He maintains the Chapter website and edits the monthly newsletter.  He also serves as Northeastern Colorado Regional Coordinator.  To IDA Colorado he brings experience as a college professor, writing skills, and computer knowledge.

Richard’s dark-sky advocacy includes dark-sky presentations and demonstrations throughout Colorado.  He’s worked with many Dark Sky Place recognition proposal teams and advocated with a number of governmental bodies.  He founded the “Lights Out Colorado” program to help migratory birds by reducing light pollution.

He enjoys hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, bicycling, and stargazing.

Richard remembers many exquisite stargazing experiences, including one at Dinosaur National Monument. 

Richard OBrien
Richard OBrien
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