About Sarah Tober

Sarah Tober

Interim Executive Director
Dark Sky Place Certification Mentor - Durango

Sarah Tober is a consultant for various nonprofit organizations, and lives in Durango, Colorado.  She became Interim Executive Director of the Colorado chapter in 2022.  To IDA Colorado she brings a wealth of experience leading nonprofit organizations, and her educational background, with a Master of Business Administration degree.

Sarah has been a long-time advocate of preserving dark skies, including a number of advocacy achievements in her previous state of Texas.  She’s currently active in dark-sky advocacy in her new community of Durango. 

Sarah enjoys horticulture, and is a Master Gardener.  She enjoys outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, sailing, and camping.  She, her husband, and son live with a variety of animals, including a dog, a cat, chickens, ducks, and a rabbit.

Sarah Tober
Sarah Tober
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